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With her first international venture going to Oscars, Tum Bin 2 actress Neha Sharma is on cloud nine. She chats with Go-getter about her fashion goals, and why she idolizes Kate Moss

Your first international film Xuan Zang, produced by Wong Kar-wai, has been nominated for the Oscars. Did you expect it to become this big?

I have always been a Wong Kar-wai fan. Nobody can make romantic films like him. He is producing this film. The Indo-Chinese treaty on boosting cultural relations was just announced when I did this film. It turned out to be a great platform for me. I just did it with the greed of being a part of a good film. Now I have learnt it is going for the Oscars.

How was the experience of filming Tum Bin 2, a musical hit film?

I have been working in the film industry for six years now. It doesn’t feel like it’s been so many years but I’ve been trying to do different kinds of roles. Tum Bin 2 was my first outright romantic film. I’ve done romantic comedies before but not a romance-drama.

How did films happen to you?

I am from Bihar originally but I was living in Delhi to pursue fashion at NIFT. I started doing part time modeling for my friends and seniors at the institute. For me, it was nothing more than earning pocket money. The modeling agency sent some of my images to film-makers, and I eventually got a call for Chirutha (2010). As a student, I was more excited about shooting outdoors in places like New Zealand, Australia and Bangkok. It was a big Telugu movie of that time.

So movies were not your first love. Right?

I’ve always loved dance and drama. After my first film, I developed a passion for cinema. I went to Mumbai and met Mohit Suri, who was looking for a heroine for his film Crook. Interestingly, he didn’t even audition me. So, I was lucky as I wasn’t screened for any of my film.

Do you think formal training in acting is helpful?

For me, everything has been learning by doing. I think working on a movie set has been the biggest learning exercise or course for me because once you are present on a set, you embrace all technicalities and better yourself with each passing day. Each film has been a great experience for me.

Have you drawn any roadmap?

No, I have stopped making roadmaps ever since I landed up in films from a fashion institute. Plans don’t work.

What are the kinds of genres you would love to explore?

I love watching every kind of film. Whether it is a romantic film like Dil Se or a thriller like A girl With A Dragon Tattoo or a dark film like Girl On A Train. I love horror films too.


Would you resume your fashion career?

Of course! I wanted to be a fashion designer since I was a child. Meanwhile, I got busy with acting because it does require a lot of dedication. But now I feel it’s time that I begin my work on fashion. I want to launch an affordable line of clothes with special discounts for students. It will need a great planning and support but I am willing to devote time. When I was a student, I realised not many brands were pocket-friendly. So my label is going to be for those want fashionable clothes at cheaper rates.

Do you think your celeb-status would further help you in your fashion enterprise?

It should… because whatever I have achieved is on my own. So I am proud of it. And it is also a reason why I have taken so much of time to arrive at a status and work on my terms. Fashion business would need a lot of capital and awareness.

Who are your style inspirations?

Kate Moss… She’s ever so stylish. Her style has evolved over the years. Being a 5ft 6” tall model, she has defied all stereotypes. Then, she came out with her label Topshop which is pocketfriendly and offers discounts for students.

Being daughter of a Congress politician (Ajit Sharma), would you ever resort to politics?

I have too much on my plate right now. But I love the fact that my dad is doing so much for his country. The kind of work he is doing for women, children and their upliftment is amazing. I support him and I want to do great work with or without politics.

Written By :Karan Bhardwaj

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