A ‘Knotty Affair’ in Tranquil Locales!

Imagine exchanging wedding vows in an exquisite, beautiful, serene, soothing and heavenly location. This could either be a long stretch of lush green flora, sky-touching mountains, wavy waves of seas or the charismatic ghats of a river! Situated away from the hectic pace and maddening crowd, such offbeat locations are now becoming the preferred choices for young couples to tie their wedding knot.

Many young couples, these days, are fascinated by an innovative concept of tying the knot in a tranquil location; amid the woods, on the wide-spread seashores, on serene ghats of sprawling rivers or on top of snow-capped mountains. This is basically coming up as an offbeat trend, adding a tinge of glamour element to the wedding celebrations. To catch up with this trend, we glance into a few of the wonderful wedding destinations which can become the venue of your lifelong affair! We list few locations in India which are sure to woo you with their beauty.

Green Wedding @ Munnar


Munnar is one of the most scenic wedding destinations in Kerala. It’s a beautiful hill station, which remains shrouded in mist and fog throughout the year. This wedding destination makes the wedding traveller spoilt for choice. Situated amidst Western Ghats Mountains, it is apt for country weddings and small intimate-style ceremonies.

This is the best destination for those who are nature-lovers wanting to make their wedding ceremony a serene affair. Well-carpeted with emerald green tea plantations, and boasting of valleys, waterfalls, streams and rare flora and fauna, this place is easily accessible from Kochi and Coimbatore.

A wedding being solemnised in this vicinage with a backdrop of the Western Ghats is the stuff of fairy tales kind. With the availability of charming resorts, colonial bungalows and luxuriant tea estates, Munnar fulfills each of your desire for an ideal wedding. It being a nature-lover’s paradise, there are host of activities, such as bird watching, paragliding, cycling, hiking, fishing, horseback riding, boating, and shopping, in which the wedding families can indulge in during their stay. They can also enjoy helicopter tours, elephant rides and tours of the tea and coffee plantations, which make their experience all the more enjoyable.

Mountain Wedding @ Dalhousie


Do you want to solemnise your wedding at a location which enjoys a backdrop of snow-capped mountains or lush green hills? With a serene river flowing adjacent to the woods and thousands of flowers blooming around, such secluded place could be one of the best venues to tie the wedding knot. It might sound like a fairytale setting but then here comes the good news; it is now very easy for you to have your dream mountain wedding.

Dalhousie is one among those picturesque mountain towns in India which is increasingly attracting many prospective brides and grooms as their wedding destination.

Located on the edge of Himalayas, and known for its stupendous beauty, it has a Scottish and Victorian style architecture which can make your wedding look like a classy affair.

Mainly known for its abundant greenish surroundings, here guests can enjoy the option of visiting the Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary and Dainkund peak. They also have the option of visiting various Buddhist monasteries in the nearby location. To reduce additional expenditure, you can also hire local priest and caterers to mark the event.

An hour away from Dalhousie is Khajjiar, which is a must visit. This picturesque spot is dotted with an emerald, saucer shaped meadow, dense deodhar forest, a legendary lake at its centre, floating island, a forest rest house, temple with a golden spire and a beautiful golf course.

Historical Wedding @ Hampi

Temple in Hampi

If you are in search of a religious site to mark your wedding occasion, Hampi can be a destination scoring high on your list. With plethora of temples and ancient monuments in and around this place, it could be an experience to cherish lifelong.

Nothing can beat the experience of tying the knot amidst the marvellous ruins of the Vijayanâgara Empire. This town, located in South India, is often overlooked but it is well worth spending a few days exploring the ruins. Despite being a countryside village, it can be a treat for eyes for the wedding guests as it enjoys a wide variety of architecture accommodating the ruins of houses and palaces built by the Hindus as well as Sultanate Muslims somewhere in the 15th century. The amazing sites range from ancient lotus-shaped pools to intricate sculptures. It’s an ideal place for all those looking for a romantic getaway as it has lot of historical monuments to explore which are surrounded by nature.


If you are searching for a wedding place with historical tint, then Mandu is the right answer for you. It exists as a fortress town in Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh.

A witness to the once-blooming romance between Prince Baz Bahadur and Rani Roopmati, Mandu houses one among the most famous palaces, the Jahaz Mahal, which is the epitome of romance. Set amidst Satpura mountains, it can make the perfect backdrop for your offbeat wedding. The architecture of this place enjoys an old world charm and it can add the much needed panache to the dawn of your new relationship.

The best time to plan your wedding here is from October to April.

Beach Wedding @ Havelock Islands


If beaches make you crazy, then imagine exchanging your wedding vows in Havelock Islands. The pristine and snow-white shores will definitely leave you in awe of its beauty. The adventure and leisure experience will give you a memory unforgettable from the bottom of your heart.

These islands are no less than a coastal paradise residing in the Bay of Bengal. Comprising of idyllic beaches and lush green forests, they are one of the paramount islands which are one of the most charming places to tie the knot.

The long-stretched lagoons and limestone caves add more to the experience and the wedding travellers will be left delighted and excited looking at the vast-spread beauty around.

The Havelock islands can make you spoilt for choices when it comes to wedding locations. You have plenty of offers to choose from; Right from choosing a beach, hotel or cruise wedding, the choice is all yours to get the best!

Havelock Islands can be easily reached from Port Blair in 90 minutes by air-conditioned ferry.

Royal Wedding @ Udaipur


If you are keen to mark your wedding at location which is full of splendour, affluence and royalty, then Udaipur is the place to be!

With its lovely lakes and pretty palaces existing through the city’s expanse, this beautiful place is admired by Indians and foreigners alike. The majestic palace buildings in Udaipur give it a sort of charisma that only few cities can rival. The weddings in Udaipur can be defined more like an extraordinary fairy-tale. Offering one of the finest settings for a marriage ceremony, the Jag Mandir palace or the Oberoi-UdaiVilas has become world-famous wedding destination. This makes it one of the most popular destinations of wedding for Indians as well as foreigners. The palatial palaces boasts of ambiance and the aesthetic beauty which is one of its kind and unmatched. This city also offers a choice of very beautiful historical Haveli-converted Hotels which could be used for stay as well as the wedding festivities.

Now, when the wedding bells are ringing all around, don’t you think exchanging wedding vows in these heavenly places can take you on moon by giving lifelong memories? So check out which among these destinations appeals you the most to get hitched and get set go for the D-Day!

Written By: Archana Sharma

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